Our Speciality

The firm offers expert legal advice on a wide range of corporate matters including formation and Incorporation of Companies, Venture Capital entities, Business Organizations, Restructuring of Companies and shareholding , advice on  statutory and regulatory aspects. We also have expertise in negotiating commercial contracts, drafting a wide range of commercial instruments including joint ventures agreements etc.

We provide a wide range of Conveyancing services to our clients in all aspects of law and practice relating to perfecting securities such as Debentures, Charges, Mortgages, Chattel Mortgages, Guarantees, Assignments, Land and property matters including Transfers, Leases and wide range of agreements relating to land use.

The firm has been involved in varying family matters over the years cementing itself as a go-to firm in Family Law in Kenya. Our Advocates have successfully handled cases of this nature in all Courts both locally and internationally providing resolutions for cases of this nature. Our Services include Adoptions proceedings, Divorce and matrimonial property disputes, Custody, Children Rights, Wills, Estate management and Trusts.

The firm boasts expertise in providing a strong track record of anticipating and responding to the demands of the ever-changing insurance market. Our Advocates offer assistance in insurance disputes and representing clients in litigation & arbitration proceedings against individuals, Insurance companies, businesses and entities. The firm handles a wide range of insurance issues including personal injury claims, wrongful death claims, negligence claims, medical malpractice, products liability etc.

The firm recognizes that human rights law sets out the basic level of protection everyone can expect from the Government and such freedoms should be promoted.  The firm has expertise in enforcing human rights having represented and defended human rights both within the domestic courts and abroad. Besides offering advice and undertaking Litigation proceedings, we work pro-actively to offer a high level of commitment, attention to ordinary citizens, campaigning groups, companies, charities and NGO’s that are concerned with enforcement of human rights.

The firm’s involvement in public interest litigation brings its core objective of enabling the implementation of the Constitution to defending and securing the guaranteed rights and freedoms guaranteed.

The firm provides creative advice on obtaining, enforcing and exploiting intellectual property rights including patents, trademarks, copyright and  Industrial designs.

The firm also endeavors to offer support to farmers and breeders in the enforcement and protection of their rights under the  Seeds and Plant Varieties Act CAP 326 Laws of Kenya and the UPOV Convention (International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants). Plants have become increasingly valuable in today’s economy in agricultural and environmental contexts.

Over the years, the firm has gained an understanding in matters relating to employment and Labour rights under Labour Laws in Kenya.  The firm has been forefront in offering services in litigation arising from unlawful dismissals, contractual and compensation issues, enforcement of non-competition and trade secrets agreements, negotiations and settlements, employee relations, outsourcing and employment terminations.

Our Advocates, have defended employment-related claims at the Employment and Labour Relations Court.

The firm recognizes the Environmental challenges facing  Kenya especially in the context of enforcement and he right to a clean environment as provided under Article 42 of the Constitution and the attendant  provisions in the International Treaties. On this basis, our Advocates have handled Environmental matters in the High Court and The Court of Appeal involving policies relating to the environment. Our experience is reflected comprehensively on the issues advised including mining rights, Environmental Compliance, regulation, waste and hazardous substance emissions and legal controls.

Our team is well equipped to address advisory, regulatory, compliance, contractual issues, as well as resolve and avoid potential disputes or litigate when disputes arise.

The firm is engaged in Litigation in a  myriad of cases in all levels of the court ranging from the Supreme Court to the numerous Tribunals set up under statute law. The firm recognizes the usefulness and importance of Arbitration as an increasingly popular mode of resolving disputes.We undertake work in arbitration including advising clients in all aspects of Arbitration, provisions of Arbitration Act, and representing clients before Arbitral Tribunals.  We also preside over arbitrations (as arbitrator) as and when called upon in appropriate commercial transactions.

The firm has in-depth experience in cases where a company’s risks are identified and analyzed, with the goal of using the information to minimize the company’s risk going forward.

We conduct a complete analysis of current operations, strategies, assets, and legal structures. It may also include reviews of documentation procedures as well as employee policies. Often, this is intended to analyze a company’s legal needs as well as to determine what those needs might be in the future. We then use this information to evaluate changes in legal requirements and new risks that may stem from changes to policies, objectives, or business structures.